Monday, June 19, 2006

Those Delta Rhythm Kings - Just The Way We Like It

Here is the most recent release from Those Delta Rhythm Kings titled Just The Way We Like It. The band has added a new member since the release of Every Night & Every Day. The new member is Janell Christie on alto sax. Janell is classically trained and is near receiving her doctorate - thus her nickname, "Doc". She is a highly skilled, precise technician, a master of her instrument, and invaluable when it comes to transcribing and arranging. She's also great at catching someone even slightly out of tune. The Kings are helping her to play with more drunken abandon. Her influences include her parents, Sonny Rollins, and Joe Henderson. Janell's dubious claim to fame is the taming of the notorious Beale Street Flipper. She's descended from a long line of talented musicians and is married to Chad - which is both her blessing and her curse.

Also appearing on this recording as a guest is Mike Lynch on organ and accordian.
His "regular" gigs are with the great Larry McCray and with Lansing's own Zydecrunch, among others. With the Kings whenever he has an open date, Mike is a consumate sideman and a musician's musician - able to blend with and make stronger any unit he plays with. He is welcomed on stage with bands of many styles. Mike is overjoyed to be a struggling, full-time musician, and TDRK is happy to help him maintain that lifestyle. Mike's favorite past-times seem to be hangin' with friends and facilitating good times for all.

Track Listing:
1. Smack Dab In The Middle
2. Money's Gettin' Cheaper
3. After The Lights Go Down Low
4. Moanin'
5. I Want A Little Girl
6. I Don't Believe It
7. Don't You Lie To Me
8. Mother's Kitchen
9. Wind Chill
10. Please Don't Leave Me
11. Walkin' Slow Behind You
12. Gumbo Blues

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Blogger jpdaoldfart said...

looking good lev. i like your template better than mine btw.

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Blogger Nagiants40 said...

Great lever..

Nice band

Thanks for this,, I'll link your blog at Blues Town..


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Thank You nagiants40. I will be making another post soon as I just received permission to post Mojo Phoenix. You should like them also.

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