Friday, June 23, 2006

Mojo Phoenix - Can We Talk

Here is another truly outstanding local blues band. I recently became aquainted with this exceptional band at the Jackson Michigan Budweiser Blues Festival where i saw them perform on june 1 and 2, 2006.

Worth noting is that Tom Fuller (electric bass, acoustic bass, baritone sax, vocals) and his wife Cindy Hayden (vocals, harmonica) were the promoters of this festival. Their festival celebrated it's 5th year this year and attendance was awesome.

Mojo Phoenix is a dynamite band to listen to and truly shines in live performances. Cindy has mastered the art of connecting with an audience which insures a fun time for everyone. I told Cindy that their sound reminded me of a mixture of Candye Kane and Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women. She took this compliment in the manner in which it was offered as this was a very high compliment.

Mojo Phoenix has opened for some great acts including: Larry McCray, EC SCott, Mark Hummel, Thornetta Davis, Alberta Adams, Nick Moss & The Flip Tops and Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones. Tom & Cindy are so busy in and out of the band that I wonder when they sleep. Aside from their full booking scchedule of play dates Tom & Cindy are very active in their community promoting the blues. Among their activities are their promotion company Slipped Disc Productions - a privately owned company that strives to enrich and strengthen the community in which it operates. Several Blues festivals they plan run and perform in including fests in Jackson, MI, Adrian Bluescamp Festival and The Maple City Festival. This isn't enough for this duo however, they also have these projects running: * Blues in the Schools program
* Blues Adventure Nights
/Harmonica Hounds Program
* Dewey Decimals Blues and harmonica instruction local Libraries
* The Chronic Harmonics – therapeutic harmonica lessons for
patients with compromised breathing difficulties
* Various free concerts for underprivileged and/or handicapped children
* Private lessons on guitar, bass, harmonica & music theory
* Afterschool Neon Program for at risk children (music performance and practical applications)

This schedule of community service and service to the future of Blues has earned my admiration.

Mojo Phoenix is a band that will go anywhere for a gig. If you would like to see them in your area and know of a place that would like to have them contact:

Cindy Hayden


Tom Fuller Promotions) at:


Please visit their web site at for more great music and info.

I spoke with Cindy about the lack of a guestbook on their site and she

says they prefer to recive your comments by email, so let them know what

you think of them.

Enjoy this truly outstanding Ambassador of the Blues.....

Track List:

1. I Need a Sugar Daddy (Cindy Hayden)
2. Zydeco Hum (Tom Fuller)
3. You Upset Me (B.B. King)
4. Juke (Marion "Little Walter" Jacobs)
5. Queensize Bed (E.C. Scott)
6. My Gnu Celebrity (B.Dearie/Tom Fuller)
7. Buttcheek Boogie (Tom Fuller)
8. Big Fat Daddy (Irene Reid)
9. Seven Nights to Rock (Mark Hummel)
10. My Baby Just Cares For Me (Nina Simone)
11. Flip Flop Fly (Charles Calhoun)
12. Doin My Own Thing (E.C. Scott)
13. Hard Drivin Mama (Helen Humes)
14. Cherries (composer unknown)
15. Meet Me Midnight (Manilow/Sussman)
16. Big Ten Inch (Bullmoose Jackson)
17. Ain't That Fine (Ray Charles)
18. My Name is Cindy (Cindy Hayden)
19. Get Some

Get Can We Talk Here:


Blogger Hanxter said...


i love it when when one can combine sounds into harmony and you do that quite well - very dynamic with smooth transitions and great levels of intensity...

so many new groups just play noise... well your "noise" is just plain awesome...

if you ever get to play in new england (COUGH COUGH) - the North Atlantic Blues Festival - - please let me know - i'd love to catch it...

keep the vibes dirty and knock it back!!!


5:07 PM  
Anonymous Lever said...

Thanks hankster,

I am sure the band will aprreciate the info and comments. Now let's see what we can't so about that festival.


5:18 PM  

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