Sunday, December 03, 2006

Randy Dawson - D'Nile Blues

Here is the most recent release from Canadian artist Randy Dawson titled D’Nile Blues.

This release consists of ten tracks, nine of which are Randy Dawson originals. The cd fits into the blues rock category and is a good effort. The musicianship is great, the vocals clear, and songs well written.

Randy opens with Shiver, a song with a great beat and nice guitar work. Next is Randy’s Blues, a really nice bit of guitar throughout. This song is a nice showcase of his skills on guitar and some of his best vocals I thought. He follows with Singing 4U, the first slower temp tune. This was the song I enjoyed the most. Randy seems to really excel on ballad type songs in my opinion. I really enjoyed the minimalist approach used on the guitar solo as it held the continuity of the rest of the piece well. Randy shows he has nice vocal skills here as well. Benefit Blues is next a song with a great beat as he laments about not being treated well or respected. These Shoes is next and was my least favorite I am sorry to say. The lyrics are cute and the beat reminds me of an Irish folk song type. Irish Queen follows and is a beautiful ballad. He follows with Half A World Away. I really enjoyed the lyrics to this song. Next is the only cover tune on the cd and is a very good cover of Standing On Shaky Ground written by Bowen/Boyd and Hazel. Maniac Insomniac follows and is an interesting song lyrically. The music is very good as well. He closes the offering with the title track D’Nile Blues. A nice shuffle beat with nice guitar solos behind a combination of spoken story and a chorus which is sung. A very interesting combination.

Randy Dawson – Vocals & Guitar

Bob Bilton – Bass

Tom Bona – Drums

Art Wanders – Keyboards & Percussion

This recording has an interesting dedication. Interesting enough in it’s originality I decided to include it here.

“This record is dedicated to the deer with big antlers on the side of the road who decided not to kill us of himself on hwy. 10 while on our way home from our final recording session.

God bless all that is nature and God bless Canada

P.S. I could have sworn I saw that young buck grinning at me.”

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