Saturday, June 24, 2006


As I intended to review blues bands from all over the world who are unsigned by a record label, I need your help. If you know of a band that is unsigned in your country, please let me know the name and how to contact them (web site address).

I will make contact and try to obtain their permission to review and share their cd on this page. I have little trouble getting help in the USA with bands to contact but am at a disadvantage when it comes to bands in other countries. Please help me to make this work for all.

I want to thank Those Delta Rhythm Kings and Mojo Phoenix for their support of this endeavor and hope that it works for them. I have contacted three other artists for permission and await their replies. I hope to feature them here soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider me a new, grateful fan of your blog. I haven't really had reason to check out blogs before yours, but what better reason than The Blues. I also appreciate the music that you share. Great stuff. Bands that introduce their music this way are all but guaranteed support from new fans. When I hear something new that I like, it motivates me to visit musicians' websites, catch shows, buy CD's. Thanks for expressing your passion.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Lever's Blues said...


No need to remain annonymous here, we all share a love of blues. I am glad you appreciate the long hours and hard work that went into securing the permissions needed to make this a legal download site. I have contacted every artist personally to make it so.

These same artists are now counted as friends and many as clients of the booking agency I opened to serve them.

Should you find music here that you really enjoy and wish to see the band in your area, please drop me a n email of a comment with information on where you want to see them play.

I will do my best to get them booked where they are wanted most. This networking of fans, artist and venues is what I had envisioned when I created this blog. I was concerned that many blues venues we either closing or changing music format and wanted to promote the great bands we have around the globe playing blues. By linking the fan, artist and venue we can secure more opportunities for the bands to play, give the fans a wider range of blues available for their pleasure, increase sales and bookings for the bands and hopefully keep the venues we have left while convincing others that blues is a viable entertainment genre for them.

If all goes well everyone wins.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Walking Dead Man (WDM) said...

Not sure if he is signed and he is a US artist but a living legend that I have had the good fortune to see play live is Chris English:

A living history lesson in the blues

3:16 PM  

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