Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mike Elrington - Too Good To Be True

I received this cd from Mike the other day and have been listening to it for two days. This is a very hard one to review, but has nothing to do with the quality of the music. Mike is a great vocalist and the band is awesome.

This cd from 2003 is titled To Good To Be True and indeed it sounds it. These guys are for real however.

They open the cd with the title track Too Good To Be True. A great blues rock song. This will get your blood moving. Next is a slower song staying in the blues rock genre called Better Days. Pretentious Ways follows and is blues rock number with a funky edge. Great tune. A slow song is next called Wipe Your Eyes. Here Mike shows that his great vocals extend to ballad type songs as well. A bogie number is next in There She Was. It sounds kind of like a boogie shuffle rhythm and is great. It get rockin in short order however. Watch The Rise is next and is the hardest to describe. It is a nice song but has a couple spots where he uses language not suitable for small children. This song gets rockin pretty good. Destiny follows and is a real rockin number. A slower tune is next in Find My Lover Someday, A nice ballad type song with great sound. What’s A Man Gotta Do is next and is a great rockin number. He closes the cd out with Stars. This song I find hard to descried as it’s style and sound are different from the norm but pretty good. It is a slow song sung over piano. Mike has shown on this recording effort that he has great skills and talent.

The cd didn’t show me as much blues flavor as I had expected but in terms of hearing great music it didn’t disappoint. All tracks were written by Mike Elrington, which shows he is a very talented songwriter as well.

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