Monday, July 10, 2006

Mr. Downchild retires

I received word from Steve Brazier aka Mr. Downchild that he has left the music business. This is sad news for his fans. Steve's wife Marilyn passed away on September 1, 2005. Steve says she was the biggest part of his show and has decided at least for the time being to leave the music business. Our best wishes go out to Steve and his family.

Steve told me he will contact me if he decides to return to his career.

Steve's fans can contact him thru his web site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Paul Vineyard and I am a friend of Steve's. I was also his web site designer for the past few years.

We are all saddened by the loss of Marylin, and Steve has made this choice with much thought and consideration.

Steve has also decided to discontinue his web site.

1:38 PM  

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