Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lou DeAdder

Lou Deadder is a Canadian artist who has created a rather unique musical offering with this cd titled Slow Down. He has written and arranged all of the tracks on this cd. What is unique is that he has managed to combine elements of rock, blues, jazz and country into each track. This makes it hard to say with any real accuracy what genre the music fits into.
The cd opens with Ain’t Got Two Nickels. A nice mid tempo number which should be familiar to many in it’s lament. Next is the title track Slow Down and, a slightly slower mid tempo song about the fast pace of life, written about Brett Piekarz. Piekarz plays bass on the cd and also engineered the recording. Next up is Chills, a slower tempo song that is almost a ballad. This is followed by Wobbly Pop. This song is an instrumental with nice guitar and a driving bass to anchor the song and is about the closest he gets to traditional blues. The next song is Searchin’ For My Baby, another mid tempo song. Comin’ Home follows and is a slow tune which is very jazzy while also being reminiscent of early 70's soft rock. Goin’ Down To Texas follows and is a mid tempo song, which again defies any particular genre, while it speaks of playing blues. Believe is next and is in the soft rock vein. This is followed by Without You, which has a nice boogie rhythm. He closes the cd with The Funky Strudel. A nice jazzy type boogie song.
The musicianship on the cd is superb and the songs well written. This is the type of cd which should play well in several genres as it has incorporated many into it. I found it a nice listen so long as I didn’t try to think about what style the music fit. This would play well in any Las Vegas night club. Lou’s intent seems to have been to write a full cd of multi-genre songs, and in this he has succeeded.

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