Thursday, December 07, 2006

Little Pink Anderson Is Ill, Needs Help:

Alvin “Little Pink” Anderson has recovered from a stroke, but has now been diagnosed with diabetes, as well as other problems. He could use some help now; his meds alone are about $500 a month. He was born in 1954 in Spartanville, South Carolina, and began his career tap-dancing at the age of three as his father played for medicine shows. (The senior Pink Anderson [1900-74], and Floyd Council [1911-76], were legendary Piedmont Bluesmen whose names were swiped by Pink Floyd.)

You can buy copies of Little Pink's CDs Carolina Bluesman and Sittin Here Singin the Blues, as well as his father’s CDs Carolina Bluesman, Ballad and Folksinger, and Medicine Show Man, directly from him. The CDs are $15 each plus $3 per disc shipping in the U.S.A. or buy all five and pay no shipping. Cash donations would also be greatly appreciated, but Pink would rather sell his music and earn the cash. Place your order by mail (certified checks or money orders please) to Alvin Anderson, 807 Cottage Avenue #30, Vermillion SD 57069.


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