Sunday, February 04, 2007

FolknBluesGrass - Folk'n Around At The Focal Point

This offering from FolknBluesGrass (Brian Curran’s band) was recorded live on the River City Acoustic Program on KDHX Radio on 06/24/06. The first nine tracks were recorded at the Focal Point and the final two tracks were recorded in the KDHX studio with DJ Drea. For those who like acoustic blues you will love this offering.

FolknBluesGrass is:

Brian Curran – National and International Guitars and Vocals

Steve Bauer – Rock Star Mandolins and Vocals

Travis King – Dog House Upright Bass and Vocals

Fred Altiere – Kitchen Sink Percussion, Kazoo and Vocals

This offering opens with the introduction of the band, and each member introduced by Brian Curran. Next is Diddy Wa Diddy/Shouldn’t Do That by Blind Blake & Casey Bill Weldon. I love the original sounds they manage to get from unorthodox instruments in the percussion section. Their sound reminds me of the back porch tunes of the south in the early 1900’s. Next is Let’s Get Drunk Again by Bo Carter. These guys would have made Bo pretty proud at the way they deliver his song as well as the fact that there is someone who is keeping his music alive in a traditional sound. Next up is Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me and is credited to Swanstone-Carvon-Morgan. Brian adds a nod to the Jim Kweskin Jug Band as well. They next tackle the prohibition era song by Tampa Red titled Can’t Get That Stuff No More and do a superb job. Next up is a little ditty called the Saint Louis Rag written by Brian Curran himself. I love these old style ragtime songs and these guys really do an outstanding job in the delivery and show some great harmony as well. Jail House Blues by Robert Wilkins is next. I enjoyed hearing the music of Robert Wilkins covered here as to the best of my knowledge he only released two albums before getting religion and stopped playing blues. Another Brian Curran original is next in The Gambling Man. I enjoy the stories preceding some tracks on this cd as well as the banter between Brian and the other band members. It makes for a fun time. The Hank Garland song Sugar Foot Rag ends the Focal Point portion of this offering and is done in fine style as with the rest of the material covered. Next is the Play’n with Drea at KDHX Studios segment and I found myself laughing at this as Brian and the band show their sense of humor in the interview that precedes the song Street Walkin’ Woman written by Sonny Boy Nelson.

Brian tells me that both himself and the band are ready to hit the road and play for people wherever and whenever. If you know of a place that would like to host either Brian solo or with FolknBluesGrass please let me know and we will do our best to get him there.

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