Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Daddy Mack Blues Band - Bluestones

This cd was my introduction to Daddy Mack Orr and the Daddy Mack Blues Band. Thanks to Inside Sounds for making the introduction. Auto repair shop owner Daddy Mack Orr comes out swinging with Shade Tree Mechanic. This number got my attention quick with it’s great sounds, lyrics and awesome fretwork. He follows this up with Plain Man, a neat song speaking of the simple life. It’s Gonna Be A Good Day is next and is a nice shuffle. Love his guitar playing here. Next is an instrumental number called Slim Jenkin’s Joint. The guitar playing by Daddy Mack is truly wonderful to listen to. His approach has the sound of someone who is not only in command of his instrument but also comfortable with what he is doing. No flash just pure blues guitar. Savin’ My Love is next and is a nice slower tempo song. This is the first of four songs on this cd written by Daddy Mack himself and shows he can not only play and sing but is a talented songwriter as well. Next is Razor Blade and is another song penned by Daddy Mack. This is pure blues and offerings like this will insure Daddy Mack Orr is know by future generations of fans as one of the legends from this millennium. He follows with another great song penned by James Bonner called Stop Givin’ My Love Away. Royal Shade Of Blues is next and was written by Eddie Dattel & Sandy Carroll. He follows up with a song written by himself with Billy Gibson titled A Real Good One and is titled perfectly as it is a real good one. Another instrumental is next in Stone Blues also written by Daddy Mack. A great Sam Cook song is next in That’s Where It’s At. Daddy Mack does justice to this great old song. He finishes the cd with the old classic song Feliz Navidad. This is a timely release and just over a month before Christmas is upon us.

I really enjoyed this introduction to Daddy Mack Orr and look forward to future releases from him.

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The Billy Gibson Band - Southern Livin'

This latest offering from Memphis artist Billy Gibson titled Southern Livin’ is a great piece of work. From the opening track to the end, it is great songwriting and musicianship. The cd opens with Fireman, an upbeat number that makes you move. Next is Mississippi, a nod to Billy’s roots and his native state. I’m Single follows and is a nice shuffle number. This was one of my personal favorites. Too Many Times is a slow tempo blues number. Billy’s opening narrative makes a nice touch on a truly great song. He follows with More, a boogie number that dance fans should enjoy. Hey, Hey Pretty Baby is next and is a great shuffle featuring some nice horns as well as harp. I Got A Thing For The Voodoo Woman is next and is a fun song with a great beat and lyrics. He follows with another shuffle in Slowly But Surely, Once again showing us great songwriting and style on a song penned by his label mate Charlie Wood. Hip Hug-Her is next. This is a great showcase of harp. Billy takes it home with Sex Appeal, another great boogie shuffle written by Willie Dixon. This cd was produced by Billy and recorded at Studio Daddy-O in Memphis, Tn by Charlie Wood. Billy was voted the Beale Street Entertainer of the year in 2005 and is known as a harp player virtuoso. Backing Billy on this offering are former Albert King band members David Bowen on guitar, James Jackson on bass, Cedric Keel on drums and Charlie Wood on keys. Some solos are featuring Preston Shannon and Daddy Mack Orr as well.

I have loved Billy Gibson’s music since I first heard him and think he has topped all offerings to date with Southern Livin’.

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Charlie Wood - Lucky

Charlie Wood is a veteran key man who spent a year in Albert King’s band playing keys at the age of 23. He opens a great cd with Can’t Teach That Stuff . He follows with a Percy Mayfield tune called The River’s Invitation. Next is Charlie’s Tribute to the people and spirit of New Orleans in Never Gonna Stop New Orleans. Next is What’s It Gonna Take, a great boogie number that could make a corpse move. Now’s The Time is next and is a slower number showcasing his talent as a key man. My personal favorite is next in Lonely Avenue. I liked this song from the first few notes. It was written by Doc Pomus. Lucky is next and is the title track. I am impressed with Charlie Wood’s vocals as well as his skill on keys. Ear Candy is next and is just that. Sneaky follows and is a funky number with awesome Hammond. One Of These Days is next and was penned by Mose Allison. It is a slow number with several time changes to keep it fresh. Next is Television and is a like a shuffle with some good lyrics. If It Makes Me A Dollar is next and is a boogie shuffle style song. Charlie closes the cd with the W.C. Handy tune Beale Street Blues.

This cd is even more impressive when I learned in the liner notes that Charlie plays almost all the instruments and wrote all songs except The River’s Invitation, Lonely Avenue, One Of These Days and Beale Street Blues. Charlie had the help of the following people on this cd:
Kirk Smothers – tenor & baritone sax
Billy Gibson – Harmonica and guest vocals on Beale Street Blues
Lucy Hathcote – Background Vocals

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